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UU World: The Magazine of the Unitarian Universalist Association

UU World: The Magazine of the Unitarian Universalist Association

简  介:Aims to help its readers build their faith and act on it more effectively in their personal lives, their congregations, their communities, and the world. It strives not only to be informative but also useful, provocative, and even prophetic.

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2018年 第1期

Deeper attention: Photography as meditationAnitra Lavanhar (-)

On community, the cure and the ailmentChristopher L. Walton (-)

Do you have to be an activist to be a Unitarian Universalist...Takiyah Nur Amin (-)

Faith for the unbelieverDaniel Chesney Kanter (-)

UUA renames public witness campaign ‘Side with Love’ to be...Elaine McArdle (-)

We need an intersectional approach to justice makingManish Mishra-Marzetti (-)

Intersectional feminism means showing up when there are no p...Marchaé Grair (-)

The Edict of Torda, a landmark in religious freedomEric Cherry (-)

A young adult group grows in BrooklynJulie Bero (-)

Even acknowledging my own racism is controversialDoug Muder (-)

No candidates nominated to run for UUA moderator in 2019Elaine McArdle (-)

Lawsuit settled against Sheriff Arpaio for workplace raidsElaine McArdle (-)

Preparing for Sunday morning emergenciesDonald E. Skinner (-)

Unitarian Universalists are people who put windows in doorsLiz James (-)

Film footnotes: UU angles in Lady Bird, The Greatest Showman...Christopher L. Walton (-)

I returned to my mostly white congregation out of a stubborn...Michael Hornsby (-)

Board prepares bylaw changes for 2018 UUA General AssemblyElaine McArdle (-)

From the president: The touchstone of communitySusan Frederick-Gray (-)

The #MeToo momentEmily Wright-Magoon (-)

Teenagers speak up against gun violenceKari Gottfried (-)

In sanctuary, 'you cannot go out'Patrick Sullivan (-)

Schrödinger’s fatherKenneth Sutton (-)

At March for Our Lives, UU youth say, ‘I want to be the cha...Michael Hart (-)

UUA leaders alarmed by conflicts reported by religious profe...Elaine McArdle (-)

Diverse baptismsJim Sherblom (-)

Olive Higgins Prouty's genre makeoverKris Willcox (-)

Assumed identities: A personal history of passingBrando Skyhorse (-)

On Earth Day, let me count the ways I love NatureJeffrey A. Lockwood (-)

UUA presidential candidates reflect on 2017 raceElaine McArdle (-)

European Unitarian Universalists forge overseas connectionDiane Daniel (-)

In ‘Come Sunday,’ Netflix tells story of Pentecostal bisho...Kimberly French (-)

April 2018 board report: UUA trustees press congregations to...Elaine McArdle (-)

10-year-old Unitarian Universalist is youngest climate lawsu...Sherri Scott (-)

Mary Katherine Morn named new president of UU Service Commit...Christopher L. Walton (-)

UU leaders arrested as Poor People’s Campaign begins nation...Arthur Hirsch (-)

‘Black Panther’ and the search for community among black U...Adam Lawrence Dyer (-)

Unitarian Universalists offer homes to asylum seekers in car...Elaine McArdle (-)

From the president: Becoming the religious people we want to...Susan Frederick-Gray (-)

Congregation's quilt project creates communitySonja L. Cohen (-)

Ministers mark Juneteenth with rally and action in Kansas Ci...Christopher L. Walton (-)

Kansas City activist arrested in confrontation with anti-LGB...Elaine McArdle (-)

Distinguished Service Award recipient Danielle Di Bona is ‘...Sonja L. Cohen (-)

Aisha Hauser accepts MacLean Award for Excellence in Religio...Sonja L. Cohen (-)

UUs learn tools for ending the money bail systemElaine McArdle (-)

Charles Gaines, Distinguished Service award recipient: ‘Be ...Sonja L. Cohen (-)

Embracing civil disobedience, climate activists are 'living ...Alexandra Varney McDonald (-)

Unitarian Universalists call for abolition of ICE and end of...Christopher L. Walton (-)

Unitarian Universalists join movement to abolish Immigration...Michael Hart (-)

Women cultivate power in NicaraguaAir Nonken (-)

The unwanted gift of a new chairBruce T. Marshall (-)

We realized coffee hour was the beating heart of our congreg...Seth Fisher (-)

In the 1920s, Charles E. Clark was a Klansman and a Universa...Colin Bossen (-)

A new metaphor for practicing resilienceTrudi Frazel (-)

New Orleans activists urged restorative justice for assailan...Elaine McArdle (-)

Practicing piano became a spiritual discipline for meColleen M. McDonald (-)

Lessons from the Parkland school shooting survivorsLars Lonnroth (-)

This is no time for a casual faithSusan Frederick-Gray (-)

The missing remnant: 2018 Service of the Living Tradition se...Sofia Betancourt (-)

Aging reveals the individual limits of ‘onward and upward f...Doug Muder (-)

Flooding imperils UU conference center in North Carolina aft...Elaine McArdle (-)

Unitarian Universalists mobilize for voting rights, criminal...Elaine McArdle (-)

Cold anger is a gift when used in the service of liberationSusan Frederick-Gray (-)

Suburban church's capital campaign also aids urban social se...Alexandra Varney McDonald (-)

Resisting the erasure of bisexuality by keeping in conversat...Mary Benard (-)

Faith communities help people talk about end of life prefere...Kris Willcox (-)

Commission completes review of hiring controversy, prepares ...Elaine McArdle (-)

Touch binds us together in a way that is warm and builds com...Alison Oatman (-)

Hurricane Michael damages three buildings of UU fellowship i...Elaine McArdle (-)

Every generation fights for a more just worldLiz James (-)

UUA membership rises for first time since 2008Christopher L. Walton (-)

Breakthrough: Athens fellowship’s training program cultivat...Michael Hart (-)

Amid California fires’ devastation, UUs report, ‘we are no...Michael Hart (-)

Parliament of World’s Religions forges global community in ...TK Barger (-)

Using a scooter gave me the gift of freedomMeg Barnhouse (-)

Factory-installedTheresa I. Soto (-)

Hunting for answers about human virtue and killing animalsJeffrey A. Lockwood (-)

Following the leadersAlicia Cooke (-)

Six Unitarian Universalists arrested at interfaith protest b...Michael Hart (-)

Christina Rivera resigns from UUA Board of TrusteesElaine McArdle (-)

‘I would still undertake the call’Heather Beasley Doyle (-)

Humanists celebrate ChristmasDoug Muder (-)

Bellingham fellowship assists families of immigrants arreste...Elaine McArdle (-)

Love the hell out of this worldSusan Frederick-Gray (-)