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Annals of DAAAM & Proceedings

Annals of DAAAM & Proceedings

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2018年 第2期

Yarn Unwinding From Packages.Aleksander, Predovic (-)

Virtual Reality and its Influence on Training and Education-...Martirosov, Sergo (-)

Verification of Combined Cutting tool with a Linear Cutting ...Nosal, Jozef (-)

Vacuum Gauge Verification Methodology for Vacuum Coating Dep...Stekleins, Antons (-)

Using Unity3D As an Elevator Simulation Tool.Polcar, Jiri (-)

Using of waterjet technology for cutting aluminum alloy.Kroupa, Tomas (-)

Using Augmented Reality in Smart Manufacturing.Deac, Crina Narcisa (-)

Use of Simulation Software Environments for the Purpose of P...Ojstersek, Robert (-)

Tracking System for Moving Object with Forecasting.Kobzev, Alexander (-)

Thermal Simulations Based on Macro-Models.Marek, Vaclav (-)

Thermal Regime Aspects when Grinding Rubber Rolls for Paper ...Valea, Petre (-)

The Simulation-based Smart Management Approach for Cellular ...Suleykin, Alexander (-)

The Principle of Full Functionality--the Basis for Rapid Rec...Andreev, Victor (-)

The Influences of Cutting Edge Radius on Surface Roughness w...Hronek, Ondrej (-)

The Influence of CAM Strategies on the Tool Wear and Surface...Zaujec, Rudolf (-)

The Immersion Depth Influences on Cutting Edge Radius During...Hronek, Ondrej (-)

The Gap Between The Knowledge Of Virtual Enterprise Actor An...Stochitoiu, Anca Georgiana Costache (-)

The Effect of The Strategy of Finishing on Dimensional Accur...Kroft, Lubos (-)

The Application Of Thermographic Diagnostic In Investment Ca...Vratny, Ondrej (-)

The Application of Artificial Vector Fields for Motion Contr...Andreev, Victor (-)

Technology Of Multi-Agent Control For Industrial Automation ...Pryanichnikov, Valentin E. (-)

Technological and Economical Aspects of Arc Welding of AL 57...Tasic, Petar (-)

System of Protection and Diagnostics of Structural Elements ...Breido, Iosif (-)

System for Cooperative Movements of ROV and its Supporting V...Filaretov, Vladimir (-)

Study into Movement of Wide Span Tractors (Vehicles) Used in...Bulgakov, Volodymyr (-)

Strategic management and multiplier effect.Jemelka, Milan (-)

Stability of Retained Austenite in High-Strength Martensitic...Jenicek, Stepan (-)

Spectroscopic Measurement of Textile Fibres.Vaskova, Hana (-)

Specific Design of Critical Drivetrain Component.Hnatik, Jan (-)

Simulation of Virtual Machine Tool During the Machine Design...Hajicek, Zdenek (-)

Simulation and Modelling System for the Purposes of Crisis M...Ficek, Martin (-)

Signage and Ergonomics in Packaging Systems.Carutasu, Nicoleta Luminita (-)

Service Robots Integrating Software and Remote Reprogramming...Davydov, D.V. (-)

Romanian Roadmap for E-Call Technology Adoption and Future D...Carutasu, George (-)

Robust Stabilization of a Heating-Cooling System by Using Tw...Matusu, Radek (-)

Robotic Machining Simulation using a Simplified Multibody Mo...Huynh, Hoai Nam (-)

Research of ABS and PLA Materials in the Process of Fused De...Milde, Jan (-)

Regenerative Heat Treatment of Prolonged Exploited Heat Resi...Hodzic, Damir (-)

Proposal for the Implementation of the European Rail Traffic...Mlinaric, Tomislav Josip (-)

Predictive Manufacturing Systems in Industry 4.0: Trends, Be...Nikolic, Bojana (-)

Prediction of Wear of Woodworking Tools Depending of the Chi...Busuladzic, Ibrahim (-)

Prediction of SiO2 Nano Coating Properties Using Fuzzy Logic...Stekleins, Antons (-)

Postnonclassical Paradigm of Ergonomic Design of Complex Sys...Ipatov, Oleg (-)

Possible Application of Heterogeneous Robot Group to Search ...Kulichenko, Artem (-)

Possibilities of Using Kinect Sensor in Ergonomic.Koblasa, Frantisek (-)

Personal Data in Cloud. Russia Experience.Zharova, Anna (-)

Performance Indicators of Production Processes.Vatres, Ajdin (-)

Parametric Versus Nonparametric Statistical Process Control.Smajdorova, Tereza (-)

Organizing Intermodular Communication for Heterogeneous modu...Andreev, Victor (-)

Optimization of the In-Process Control Process Using Six Sig...Januska, Martin (-)

Ontology Enrichment for Multi-Domain Knowledge and Expertise...Achsan, Harry T. Yani (-)

Object Recognition in Images.Milan, Adamek (-)

New Software Supporting Teaching of SIMULINK for Full-time C...Perutka, Karel (-)

New Computer Game in MATLAB for Educational Purposes.Perutka, Karel (-)

Multi-Response Optimization of Plasma Cutting Parameters usi...Muhamedagic, Kenan (-)

Modular Mobile Robotic Kit for Prototyping and Debugging of ...Shmakov, Oleg (-)

Model For Critical Infrastructure Safety Management.Prochazkova, D. (-)

Mobile Robot for Exploration and Manipulation Inside a Nucle...Ritzberger, Niklas (-)

Mobile Measurements of Particulate Matter Concentrations in ...Masic, Adnan (-)

Mitigating Friction in Multicultural Virtual Organizations /...Savu, Ionut (-)

Metrological Set-up For Calibrating 1D Line Scales With Sub-...Klobucar, Rok (-)

Methods of Task Clinches Prevention in Software Applications...Nikiforov, Viktor (-)

Methods Of Evaluating Noise Pollution In The Megalopolis.Ermolaev, Andrei (-)

Methods of Assessment and Training of a Company Towards the ...Valentin, Baicu Andrei (-)

Methodology of Design and Validation of the Shop Floor Millr...Simon, Michal (-)

Method of Spatial Path Planning for Mobile Robot in Unknown ...Yukhimets, Dmitry (-)

Method for Supervisory Implementation of Manipulation Operat...Filaretov, Vladimir (-)

Mechanical Properties of Heat-Affected Zone of High-Strength...Hajro, Ismar (-)

Mechanical Functionalisation of Cutting Inserts by Machine H...Reiter, Manuel (-)

Mechanical Forging Press for Progressive Working in Automati...Chval, Zdenek (-)

Measuring of Friction Factor of Cutting Environment.Kralik, Marian (-)

Mathematical Modeling of Thermal Management at Different Atm...Beltran-Prieto, Juan Carlos (-)

Mathematical Model of Washing of Filtration Cake.Janacova, Dagmar (-)

Main Principals and Issues of Digital Twin Development for C...Ponomarev, Kirill (-)

Machine Vision in Manufacturing Processes and the Digital Tw...Deac, Gicu Calin (-)

Knowledge Managements for Improvement the Competitiveness of...Paulova, Iveta (-)

Internet of Things and Social Media: Tools of a Successful I...Majstorovic, Vlado (-)

Intelligent Adviser Module: Proposals and Adaptive Learning ...Haskovic, Damir (-)

Influence of Ultrasonic Assistance on Delamination During Ma...Kuruc, Marcel (-)

Influence of the Milling Cutter Diameter on the Cutting tool...Zetek, Miroslav (-)

Influence of Selected Technological Factors on the Hole Qual...Fulemova, Jaroslava (-)

Influence of Online Identification Methods on the Nonlinear ...Macku, Lubomir (-)

Influence of Grinding Conditions on Surface Quality and Accu...Farsky, Jindrich (-)

Influence of Cutting Conditions on the Surface Quality and G...Baksa, Tomas (-)

Influence of CMM Velocity on Scanning Precision.Martin, Melichar (-)

Inferring Productivity Factor for Use Case Point Method.Urbanek, Tomas (-)

Industrially Usable Numerical Calculation-Based Method for e...Sklariks, Stepans (-)

Implementation of Correlation Analysis to Work Sampling Resu...Buchmeister, Borut (-)

Implementation of Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies...Kharin, Konstantin (-)

Impact of Stylus Size in Roughness Measurement.Kubatova, Dana (-)

Identification of Special Causes.Bicova, Katerina (-)

Hydrodynamic Processes in Piston-Bore Interface of Axial Pis...Kuzmin, Anton (-)

Human-Operator Behaviour Monitoring in IT-Systems.Shumsky, Alexey (-)

Generic Challenges and Automation Solutions in Manufacturing...Grube, David (-)

Gait Phase Recognition for Exoskeleton Control Using Adaptiv...Michal, Broniszewski (-)

Functional Safety Concept for a Handling Robot Built on Opti...Radinger, Thomas (-)

Framework to Implement Collaborative Robots In Manual Assemb...Malik, Ali A. (-)

Formation of Equivalent Models of Structured Multirate Syste...Kramar, Vadim (-)

Fault Isolation in Technical Systems Based on Non-parametric...Zhirabok, Alexey (-)

Fable Representation in FNOK and DNOK Formalisms Using the N...Koch, Marina Rauker (-)

Extracting Patent-Related Information from Online Social Net...Ivanov, Alexander (-)

Experimental Research of Rotation Transmission Device in Hig...Kuzmin, Anton (-)

Evaluation of the Ontological Method of Integrable Data Inco...Kropotin, Alexander A. (-)

Evaluation of the Energy Intensity of Forming Machines Compa...Bele, Miroslav (-)

Evaluation of Process Risks in Industry 4.0 Environment.Svingerova, Michaela (-)

Evaluation of Metal Powder for Additive Manufacturing of Mar...Zetkova, Ivana (-)

Evaluation of Critical Places on Wax Patterns Of Blades.Kubelkova, Irena (-)

European Swaption by Monte Carlo Estimation on Modern Intel ...Mudnic, Eugen (-)

Enhancing the Agility and Performances of a Project with Lea...Cvetkovic, Nela (-)

Energy Efficiency Assessment and Improvement Measures for Fu...Kadric, Dzana (-)

Emotion Recognition in Video with OpenCV and Cognitive Servi...Prieto, Luis Antonio Beltran (-)

Ekolabeling as Development Facilitator of the Environmentall...Kralikova, Ruzena (-)

Effect of Veneer Composition on the Stiffness and Stress of ...Hajdarevic, Seid (-)

Economy of Biogas Plants.Kremljak, Zvonko (-)

Dynamic Modelling of Mobile Robots Based on its 3D CAD Model...Damic, Vjekoslav (-)

Dynamic Behaviour Comparison of Three Different Mathematical...Zatopek, Jiri (-)

Dissemination of Engineering Education at Schools and its Ad...Shevtshenko, Eduard (-)

Digital-Analog Input/Output Device with the Matlab/Simulink ...Michael, Peshko (-)

Differential Evolution as Calibration Technique for Three Ax...Kuncar, Ales (-)

Development of Technology for Improving Productivity and Qua...Park, Hong-Seok (-)

Development of Innovation in Field of Precision Agriculture.Vekic, Aleksandar (-)

Development of Fault Accommodation System for Actuators of U...Filaretov, Vladimir (-)

Development Of A Safety Industry 4.0 Production Environment.Papa, Maximilian (-)

Development of 2-DOF Adaptive Mechatronic Device with correc...Kosterev, Dmitrii (-)

Determining the Strength of Composite Integrated Joints usin...Sedlacek, Frantisek (-)

Determining the Load on Support Rollers the Pipe Conveyor Be...Maksarov, Viacheslav (-)

Determination of FDM Printer Settings with Regard to Geometr...Polak, Roman (-)

Determination and Analysis of Energy Efficiency Potential in...Medojevic, Milovan (-)

Designing An Application To Optimize The Calibration Of Outp...Navratil, Milan (-)

Design The Contactless Charger And Contactless Data Transfer...Ksenzenko, Aleksander Ya. (-)

Design of a Consensus Based Flocking Control of Multiple Aut...Subudhi, Bidyadhar (-)

Design Concept of Lunar Rover for the Moon Geological Explor...Vasiliev, Andrey (-)

Design and Construction of a Modular Cost-Effective CNC Mach...Pajaziti, Arbnor (-)

Delay Systems with Meromorphic Functions Design.Korbel, Jin (-)

Cyber Sickness in Virtual Reality--Literature Review.Martirosov, Sergo (-)

Cutting Edge Microgeometry and Preparation Methods.Vopat, Tomas (-)

Creating Corporate Culture in Context with Standards ISO 900...Vanova, Jaromka (-)

Control system of the Articulated Arm Braking Mechatronic Ma...Solovyev, Mikhail (-)

Connectivity of Quality Management Systems and Environmental...Rusko, Miroslav (-)

Comparison of Methods for Modelling Production Floor Layout.Martin, Strapek (-)

Collaborative Work Between Human And Industrial Robot In man...Kuts, Vladimir (-)

Classification of Automatic Controllers Diagrams.Klos, Sviatoslav (-)

Changes of PVC Nanocomposite Properties Connected with Clay ...Kalendova, Alena (-)

Challenges of the Challengers: An Insight Into the Internati...Draskovic, Nikola (-)

Calculation of Air-Slide Conveyor.Hadziahmetovic, Halima (-)

Blockchain and Supply Chain Management: Aircrafts' Parts' Bu...Madhwal, Yash (-)

Autonomous Control System for a Vehicle With Actively Articu...Vadimovich, Kharuzin Sergei (-)

Assessment of Shielding Effectiveness and Percolation Thresh...Petr, Skocik (-)

Application of the Artificial Neural Networks for Diesel Dia...Ovcharenko, Sergey (-)

Analytic Determination and Numerical Simulation Of Torsional...Skovajsa, Michal (-)

Analysis of Students' and Tram Drivers' Body Ratios in Order...Tokic, Sandro (-)

Analysis of Mechanical Properties of Alternative Materials f...Cekic, Ahmet (-)

Analysis of Energy Consumption in the Building as the Basis ...Crnokic, Boris (-)

An Optimization of Product Design and Manufacturing Based on...Atiya, Halla (-)

An Analysis of Strategies of Measurement of 3D Rotary Elemen...Adamczak, Stanislaw (-)

An analysis Of Contemporary Methods For Measurement Of Form ...Adamczak, Stanislaw (-)

Accuracy of Holes created by 3D printing (DMLS).Milan, Dana (-)

Abrasive Waterjet cutting.Kroupa, Tomas (-)

Abraded Surface Properties of Sintered Carbide Specimens Bef...David, Bricin (-)

A Wearable Fall Detector for Elderly People.Musalek, Miroslav (-)

A Customer's View on Key Aspects of Metal Additive Manufactu...Nozar, Martin (-)

A Comparison of Two Parameter Same Slope Seasonality and Hol...Bajric, Hadis (-)

A Comparison of Lattice Structures in Metal Additive manufac...Hanzl, Pavel (-)

28th DAAAM International Symposium on Intelligent Manufactur...Katalinic, Branko (-)

Demographic Energy-Balanced Framework for Sustainable Urban ... (-)